Cochran is a civil, architecture, construction inspection and testing, geotechnical, environmental, energy, quality management and survey firm, that excels at complex projects and solving challenges for clients. We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, and an outstanding reputation for customer service. The professionals at Cochran understand each client and every project has a unique set of needs and constraints. Therefore, we evaluate existing conditions, recommend practical solutions, anticipate design conflicts and present alternatives based on expert architectural and/or engineering judgment.

The team at Cochran, as a whole and individually, has been involved with design solutions for many different and unique challenges. The firm is defined by 60 years of design/engineering experience, and several years of construction project bidding, project management, construction personnel, and equipment scheduling.

Cochran’s ability to meet schedules is proven by our growth over the last few years and 95% return clientele. This is a direct result of our goal to meet or beat schedule deadlines.