Institutional Engineering
Consulting Partner

The institutional market refers to any structure that fulfills a role related to healthcare, education, financial, or religious institutions.  Design consultants that specialize in institutional facilities do everything from building churches and senior living facilities to updating elementary schools and renovating university buildings.

There is no ”typical” institutional construction project or a ”one size fits all” approach. The types of projects vary widely and have many diverse aspects to them that require expertise and knowledge from different architectural and engineering disciplines.  Institutional consulting teams have to consider elements like safety, community access, building aesthetics, and adherence to local regulations.

Cochran has the expertise and full-service team to participate in the planning, design, construction testing, and inspection services of institutional projects.

Depending on the nature of the project, different services and disciplines may be needed to meet the project’s demands. Cochran can assist with complex state and local government requirements and permitting to ensure all regulations and guidelines are being met.  Cochran’s engineers and architects have a wide range of experience that is needed when tackling an institutional construction project and making it a success.

The Cochran team has developed cost-effective and practical solutions for the following types of projects:

  • Educational
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Senior Living
  • Religious Facilities

Each of these project types has its own set of challenges and a variety of sub-project types within them. Yet, Cochran is able to meet the specific needs for each project. Our client list includes, but is not limited to, banks, senior living facilities, school districts, and colleges.

Why Cochran

Cochran prides itself on being the first call on your list when you need full-service consulting, engineering, land surveying, and architecture. With 60 years of business and experience under our belts and a 95% return clientele rate, we can confidently say we’re the best one for the job.

Both private and public sector clients come to us when they need anything from civil engineering and architectural services to site development and infrastructure consulting.