Environmental / Geotechnical

As communities become more developed and urbanized, undeveloped areas have the potential to present complications that can impact a project’s financial feasibility and ultimate success.  One of the biggest challenges may be the geology and hydrogeology of the existing soils.

Cochran understands that a site’s terrain literally becomes the foundation upon which a project rests and that subsurface and potential unforeseen conditions can dramatically impact a project’s development costs.  It’s therefore critical to offer our clients a full range of geotechnical services that can help minimize their risk and maximize their project’s potential.

  • Site Evaluation Feasibility Consulting
  • Subsurface Exploration & Reports
  • Geology & Hydrogeology Studies
  • Foundation Recommendations / Evaluation
  • Excavation & Shoring Recommendation
  • Seismic Response & Documentation
  • Rigid & Flexible Pavement Recommendations
  • Soils Treatment & Recommendation
  • Slope Stability Analysis & Design
  • Retaining Wall Solutions & Design
  • Settlement Analysis & Monitoring

Managed by professional engineers with more than 25 years of experience; our fully equipped soils mechanics laboratory is equipped with leading-edge testing instruments.  All testing is conducted in accordance with ASTM procedures to ensure the highest quality results.

Cochran has tailored the environmental services we provide to meet the ongoing needs of our clients. Our private and governmental clients have encountered environmental situations in the development of their projects which require assessment, sampling, and testing.

  • Environmental Consulting & Compliance
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Monitoring Well Installation & Maintenance
  • Evaluate Site Under the New Risk-Based Corrective Action Evaluation Criteria
  • Perform Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Wetland Determination, Jurisdictional Stream Evaluations, Permitting, & Mitigation
  • Asbestos & Lead Identification & Assessment
  • Corps of Engineers / EPA Permitting

Our team of environmental professionals and technicians understands the importance of accuracy and quality control and compliance in delivering these critical services.