Civil Engineering

Established in 1959, Cochran is, first and foremost, a civil engineering firm that also offers full-service consulting. We are able to provide survey, construction testing & inspection, geotechnical, environmental, construction quality management, and architecture services in-house. All of these disciplines are extensions of civil engineering, the design and construction for public works projects such as roads, bridges, and the structural engineering of buildings.

With six offices across the State of Missouri, Cochran is a medium-sized privately owned company that has grown from 4 employees to 80+ professionals. We have the flexibility to provide creative, out-of-the box civil engineering solutions to tackle extraordinary and unique construction projects. Whether it’s extending a watermain, designing street improvements or a new bridge, providing land surveying to a new business development, or creating a park’s master plan, Cochran has the ability to provide you with civil engineering needs.

Infrastructure across the United States, and especially Missouri, is in need of an upgrade. According to a report from the 21st Century Missouri Transportation System Task Force, Missouri has 33,884 miles of roadway (the seventh largest state highway system in the country) and 10,394 bridges (the sixth most nationally). That same report says those highways are aging rapidly as they were mostly built in the 1950s with a 20-year life expectancy and the bridges have surpassed their 50-year design lives.

Missouri has 2,740 water systems serving nearly 5.5 million people, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. These systems need constant attention and upgrades in order to keep those 5.5 million people healthy.

Cochran has the ability to help your municipality, whether a city, county or district, secure federal and state-level funding grants. We have secured more than $90 million in funding over the past 10 years for construction projects that include both transportation and water. If there is money available for your project, we can and will help you find it.

Great design requires an understanding of all of the elements to make a project successful. Components for a successful design include area knowledge, survey, soils, stormwater needs and understanding of the latest regulations. It also requires careful attention during the planning and design phase. Our goal is to prevent delays and ensure the project will be completed on-time and on-budget.

Cochran’s civil engineering project management client experience includes working with municipalities, public works departments, parks & recreation, educational institutions, and water districts throughout the State of Missouri. Currently, Cochran serves as an on-call engineering consulting firm and city engineer for 20+ Cities, Counties and Districts across the State of Missouri. Our private sector experience includes manufacturing, insurance, hotels, gas stations, retail, technology, and more.

Civil engineering is required in order to build almost anything. It’s the basis of the design for roads, railroads, subway systems, airports, water systems, wastewater systems, schools, churches, retail stores, stadiums, and so much more. Cochran is here to provide that service to all of its clients. That includes getting water to your sink.

Our Markets Served:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Institutional
  • Local & State Governments

Our civil engineering portfolio includes public, private and professional clients that are active in transportation, commercial, residential, municipal, industrial, water, and wastewater sectors of the economy.

Cochran welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how our civil engineering proficiency can benefit your project.