Water Resource
Management & Planning

Cochran understands that good water resource management and planning is the key to delivering solutions for wastewater, drinking water, and stormwater resource projects that minimize cost and maximize the sustainability of resources.  Civil engineers are the chief developers of the infrastructure in the United States. Well managed and operated private and public infrastructure utilities benefit the environment and the community.  This infrastructure network is quite innovative and complex, requiring a great deal of thought and planning to ensure cost effective and responsible designs. Our team has the training and expertise for implementing the important aspects of successful water resource infrastructure management and planning with over 60 years of firm experience.

Financial investment and maintenance of infrastructure systems are critical to protecting public health.  As civil engineers, our job is to plan, design, construct, and maintain our infrastructure networks.  Cochran’s experienced team bases our approach to water resource management on: Studies, Funding, Design, and Construction Administration.

It is critical that the design process includes our clients and other stakeholders to provide a practical and effective solution balancing cost, maintenance, aesthetics and government regulations. Within our water resource management practice, we offer the following specialized services, click on each area for more specialized information and project experience.

Wastewater systems are made up of four components: collection, conveyance, treatment, and discharge. Cochran’s team of professionals has specialized expertise in all areas of wastewater collection and treatment for municipal, residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Our experienced team has designed water supply, treatment, storage facilities, distribution for municipal, residential, commercial and industrial projects.  Cochran will assist you with the planning, budgeting, design, operation, maintenance, and construction of your drinking water needs.

Properly designed drainage and stormwater management systems for building sites, roadways, and infrastructure need to be designed to manage and control runoff from wet weather flow and urban stormwater events. We have designed and engineered innovative solutions for stormwater issues for municipal, residential, commercial and industrial projects.

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