The Cochran team brings hundreds of successful projects featuring:

Roads and Highways
Streets and Sidewalks

Cochran provides Quality Management, Construction Testing, and Inspection for all Transportation projects.

Within each of these categories, our project type and experience is vast and diverse. Each transportation system has its own unique functional and specific technical requirements that our in-house engineers understand and utilize in their daily practice. In order for you to become more familiar with the breadth and depth of our transportation project experience, we offer this partial list of project types within each transportation system –

Bridge Projects

  • On-system, Off-system, and Non-off-system Bridges
  • Pre-cast, Pre-stressed and Post-tensioned Concrete
  • Structural Steel Plate Girders
  • Culverts – reinforced concrete box and large diameter corrugated metal pipes
  • New Construction, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Projects

Roads and Highways

  • Asphalt Overlay Projects
  • Concrete Pavements
  • Highway Widening
  • Intersection Improvements
  • Micro-surfacing Projects
  • Preventive Pavement Maintenance Pavement Overlay and Repair Roundabouts

Streets & Sidewalks

  • ADA compliance
  • Pavement Overlays and Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance Program Street and Sidewalk Rehabilitation and Maintenance
  • Specialized Pavement Design
  • Roadway and Street Assessments

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