For years, Cochran has been a popular destination for college interns for one reason — because we provide the hands-on project experience and first-hand working knowledge of the industry that helps you plan your future and jump-start your career. You won’t just be sitting at a desk pushing papers; As part of the internship team, you will immerse yourself in the design process by learning engineering software such as Civil 3D and AutoCAD, while learning to apply engineering processes to create the design. Next, you will work in the field with Professional Engineers, Surveyors and Lab Technicians to apply that design. You will also have access to our leadership team to ask questions and discuss your future.

We welcome interns both for summer and winter breaks from school and offer full- or part-time paid positions at our offices in St. Louis, Union and Wentzville.

Read what some of our most recent interns have to say about their time with us:

“At Cochran, I felt like a valued team member from Day One. I was a contributing member of the engineering team, drafting water and wastewater projects. One of the best parts of interning at Cochran was getting to spend some time in the field learning the ins and outs of the work we were doing.” 

Matt, Civil

“The best part of being an intern at Cochran was getting to do real, hands-on work that I was able to build on. I spent two summers drafting for sanitary and storm sewers, water piping, and road paving projects, and it helped me decide that I wanted to stay on this career path. It was a supportive work environment where I felt comfortable asking questions and where the leadership team took an interest in my growth.”

Nick, Civil

“For my internship, I worked in the lab doing materials testing and inspection, which gave me a good understanding of standards that have to be met in the field. I was part of a team and learned a lot about construction.
“Professionally, Cochran has been a great fit for me because as a mid-sized firm it’s not so large that I am just a number or name to the leadership, and it’s not so small that I feel limited. Cochran being a multi-disciplinary company has been advantageous for myself as I have two degrees, architectural and civil engineering.  While I primarily work in the architecture department, I have been able to contribute to civil engineering projects as well, which broadens my experience and increases my network.”

Alex, Architecture

“Interning at Cochran allowed me to experience multiple aspects of Civil Engineering. I was able to gain knowledge on wastewater, storm water, and drinking water. I had the privilege to learn from many Professional Engineers who guided me while working on projects. They were easy to communicate with and always willing to answer any questions I had. Cochran has a family dynamic where everyone works together to complete a designed project, and it is always a neat experience watching as something that was drawn on paper gets built in the field.”

Cameron, Civil