Construction Services

Construction Administration, Construction Testing & Inspection

The Cochran team has an unyielding reputation for quality, integrity, and value because our approach to providing construction services consists of meeting the safety and quality expectations, establishing clear lines of communication, staying on schedule, and controlling the overall costs.  The multi-disciplinary team Cochran has put together over the past 60+ years in business can help you with your construction project through a design/build to performing inspections and tests on the construction site.

Cochran has a designated staff of professional engineers and qualified technicians who conduct field inspection and lab analysis to ensure project specifications are met during the construction phase.  Our AASHTO accredited lab is conveniently located at Cochran’s headquarters and is under the direction of professional engineers and trained, full-time technicians.   Our technicians are MoDOT certified and have ACI Registrations to provide all facets of pavement and bridge construction quality control.

Construction Testing and Inspection Services include:


  • Sieve Analysis
  • Asphalt Core Density
  • Asphalt Lab Testing
  • Soil Testing
  • Atterberg
  • Standard & Modified Proctor
  • Aggregate Analysis
  • Concrete Compression Testing


  • Pavement Coring
  • Nuclear Density Compaction Testing – Asphalt, Soil, & Rock
  • Asphalt Placement Quality Control
  • Portland Cement Concrete Quality Control – Cylinders, Slump, & Air Testing
  • Foundation Construction
  • Structural Masonry Quality Control


While Cochran is not a contractor we do work with contractors as a design consultant for design build projects. Some clients may prefer the traditional, design/bid/build method, Cochran has tailored our Design consultant services to accommodate those clients who want the single point of responsibility the design/build approach offers. Design/Build is an increasingly popular method of delivery for construction projects. The owner of the land or building only has to manage one contract with a single point of responsibility with the Contractor leading the process.  During the project evolution, the design consultant (Cochran) and a Contractor will work together from the inception of the project and provide unified project recommendations as a team to fit the project’s schedule and budget.

Cochran’s in-house engineering, architecture, and construction administration capability makes us the ideal Design consulting partner for a design/build project, and we’ve been successful in a wide variety of projects.  You won’t be dealing with multiple consulting and testing firms on a design/build project. You’ll be dealing with the Contractor you selected and experienced members of the Cochran design team.