MERS Goodwill

Established in 1918, MERS Missouri Goodwill Industries is a non-profit organization that provides employment rehabilitation services.  Most funds are received via their 44 retail locations/donation centers and are used to facilitate their mission… “Changing lives through the power of work”.

Since 2010 Cochran, has worked with MERS/Goodwill to construct new stores and upgrade existing facilities.  As part of our scope of services, Cochran has completed or is currently providing full service professional civil engineering, surveying, geotechnical, and materials testing services for more than 38 MERS/Goodwill stores throughout the Midwest and Illinois.  Upgrades to the existing facilities have included the addition of new truck docks, ADA compliance upgrades, and parking lot improvements.  The new stores included conceptual planning, boundary and topographic surveys, geotechnical services, Phase 1 ESA services, Planning, and Board approvals, civil construction plan preparation, permitting, construction staking, construction material testing and as-built surveys.  The new retail locations have included stores ranging from 11,000 S.F. to 15,300 S.F. and all associated parking, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water service, detention, etc.