Water Resource Management

Cochran understands that good water resource management is the key to solving most water supply problems. It embraces providing water of acceptable quality for purposes ranging from supplying municipal water needs to maintaining the life cycles of fish and wildlife. It includes both structural and nonstructural measures.

Cochran’s water resource management approach is based on:

Recognizing and taking advantage of interconnections between surface and groundwater bodies.
Exploiting the potential for coordinated use of existing facilities.
Acknowledging that water quantity and quality are a single issue.
Devising new ways to operate old systems that blend structural and nonstructural approaches.
Accepting that the expansiveness of water resources systems may require regional rather than local solutions to problems.

Within our water resource management practice, we offer the following specialized services:

Stormwater Management
Wastewater Collection Systems
Drinking Water Supply Storage & Distribution Systems

Historically, Cochran has designed water supply, distribution, treatment and storage facilities for municipal and rural communities

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