City of De Soto

Cochran provided design and is in the construction phase of a replacement elevated water storage tank for the City of De Soto.  Multiple styles and sizes were bid simultaneously.  New water tower design involved easement preparation and coordination of antenna leasehold improvement relocation for cellular providers on the existing water tower.  We also designed integrated systems for the installation and relocation of cellular equipment to the new water tower.  Demolition of the existing 100,000-gallon water tower with lead-based paint will be replaced by a 500,000-gallon composite elevated water storage tank with reduced future maintenance cost was selected by the City. Cochran performed all aspects of site design and specifications, utility improvements, water tower design and specification, contract administration, construction testing & inspection, geotechnical site evaluation, and survey. We also provided water system modeling and water quality improvements. Construction completed in the summer of 2016.