East Central Missouri Water & Sewer Authority

Cochran designed a new lift station that serves the entire East Central Missouri Water & Sewer Authority. The lift station was constructed to redirect sewage from the City of St. Charles to St. Peters for treatment. The lift station design included two 890 gpm 60 horsepower pumps, 13,500 feet of 10″ force main, underground concrete emergency storage basin, permitting with the Lakeside 370 Levee District, and permitting with MoDOT to cross Hwy 370. The project had a list of challenges which included a creek crossing, aerial crossing over railroad tracks, levee crossing and maintaining a maximum allowable flow to the existing St. Peter’s lift station. To accomplish the flow rate requirements, VFD’s were used to control the pump rate and emergency underground storage size to hold excess flow. The lift station was placed in service in 2016.