City of Washington

The Westlink Industrial Drive Bridge replacement project is located near a manufacturing company in the Westlink Industrial Park.  The company hauls heavy transformers over the bridge weekly to a nearby railroad for shipping purposes. We were selected to design a structure with an increased load carry capacity, greater than the initial HS20 loading specification, so the company could continue shipping.  Addition structural calculations were necessary to size and reinforce the bridge members to handle the heavier truck loading requirements.

Cochran performed the surveying, geotechnical investigation, and analysis, design, bidding documents, construction administration, inspection, and materials testing for this federal aid bridge replacement, the bridge no. 44650031, along Westlink Industrial Drive in the City of Washington.  The project included clearing and grubbing; unclassified excavation; 2,889 cy of embankment in place; 2,201 sy of 11” thick non-reinforced concrete pavement; 8” diameter sanitary sewer main relocation; 10” water main relocation; guardrail; type 2 rock blanket; construction signage; 1,275’ of structural steel piles; pile point reinforcement; 798 sy of slab on concrete I-Girder; 69 ft prestressed concrete I-Girders; seeding; and pavement striping.  This project was federally funded and all construction documents were required to meet standards for project delivery as outlined in MoDOT’s Local Public Agency (LPA) manual.