MBR Treatment Plant – St. Charles Public Water Supply District No. 2

Cochran provided study and civil design services for the following:

  • The study and design of a complete 0.5 MGD membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment facility, which will be expandable to 1.0 MGD.
  • The installation of approximately 4.75 miles of 8 to 12-inch diameter sewer main for a 380 lot subdivision
  • Lift station sized to serve 112 lots & 1 elementary
  • A receiving stream impact study
  • Design for future ultraviolet disinfection at a peak flow rate of 4 mgd.
  • Increase emergency storage by installing 200 lf of 6’ diameter concrete pipe underground to handle surcharges and time of power outages.

Cochran also designed all aspects of the project including mechanical, electrical and structural. The facility will utilize flat-panel membrane technology to meet effluent design limits of 10 mg/L BOD and 15 mg/L TSS. The facility design includes a laboratory to perform required self-monitoring analytical work and process control tests for all treatment processes.

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