Storm Water

Our experts at Cochran have studied, evaluated and designed solutions for stormwater issues on every level, from major developments to individual facilities. Our experts have performed stormwater engineering services for municipalities, which have included immediate and long-term planning solutions. We have extensive experience with regulatory agencies, specifically the acquisition of permits and approvals.

Stormwater runoff on any drainage area is a function of climate and the physical characteristics of the area. Factors that may be pertinent in precipitation-runoff relationships include precipitation type, rainfall intensity, duration, and distribution; initial soil moisture conditions; soil type; evaporation; transpiration; and the size, shape, slope, elevation, directional orientation, and land-use characteristics of the drainage area.

Services we provide include:

  • Hydraulic Analysis of Drainage Systems
  • Design of Retention and Detention Basins
  • Design of Outlet Control Structures
  • Drainage System Evaluations and Studies
  • Hydrologic Computer Modeling and Calculations
  • Evaluation of Hydraulic Structure Capacities
  • Urban Runoff Collection and Management
  • Water Quality Analysis and Mitigation
  • “No-Rise” Certifications
  • Swales and Drainage Channels
  • Erosion Control Assessments and Facilities
  • Scour Analysis
  • FEMA Floodplain Determinations
  • Bridge Backwater Analysis