Franklin County Government Center & Judicial Center

Franklin County selected Cochran to provide civil & site design, survey, geotechnical, inspection & testing, and construction administration on the new Franklin County Judicial Center. The 40,000 square foot County Judicial center meets ADA requirements and mirrors the design of the administration offices in the County Government Center. The new building serves as the county courthouse now and provides space for two circuit courtrooms, three associate circuit courtrooms, and the associated court support spaces including judge’s chambers, court reporters, court administrators and the clerk of courts. The judicial center is located on the north-east corner of the existing historic courthouse which is the main focus of the city center. The key feature is the rotunda on this three-story building and was designed for future expansion without interrupting court proceedings. It is designed to provide separate zones for the public, the judges and staff, and a third secure zone for inmates. Courtrooms meet the ever-changing technological improvements needed along with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. This is the second project that Cochran did for the county.

The first project for the county was the Franklin County Government Center which is the administrative offices that house commissioner’s chambers, clerks, assessors, collectors, recorder of deeds, planning, and zoning, building department, and other non-judicial county offices. It is a two-and-one-half story building featuring a rotunda that allows clear flow for people and creates a unified county. The building has been designed to accommodate future expansion without interrupting operations. The project was completed in 2006.

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