Castlegate Treatment Plant

Castlegate Treatment Plant – St. Charles Public Water Supply District No. 2

Cochran was selected to assist the St. Charles PWSD No. 2 with meeting the new 3.0 mg/l ammonia requirements that were being implemented. Cochran prepared an engineering report to evaluate plant concerns in meeting the 3.0 mg/l ammonia. Based on the engineering report recommendations by Cochran, detailed design documents and construction services for the construction of the plant improvements were also then provided.

The Cochran’s engineering report identified solutions to the plant performance concerns, including the expansion of the systems flow equalization ability. It also included the following for St. Charles PWSD No. 2.

Add more air to the influent prior to it entering aeration.
Added capacity to provide storage for one day’s flow for a storm event or to hold influent utility ammonia at an acceptable level.
Installation of water analyzing system in the flow equalization basin to monitor ammonia levels.
Modified the existing SCADA system to stop adding influent to the plant if ammonia is detected above a determined level.
Increase sludge holding capacity to minimize the number of trips the sludge truck needs to make to the site.
Panel conversion from 3 panel system to 1 panel.
Evaluated the existing flows to utilize the existing and provide new blower as required.
Provided a new building that includes higher quality insulation to minimize noise pollution.

Project Highlights:

  • Study
  • Engineering Report October 2012
  • Design Commence January 2013
  • Construction Services
  • Construction complete– March 2014

Elevated Water Storage Tank – St. Charles Public Water Supply District No. 2:

Cochran studied and designed a 1,000,000 gallon elevated water storage tank for St Charles County PWSD No. 2. The project consisted of a fluted column elevated tank, groundwater deep well, and a distribution system. Cochran performed all aspects of design, including conceptual layout, surveying, grading, MoDNR permitting, technical specifications, contract documents, inspection, and testing. Cochran designed the project in 2006 and construction of the elevated water storage tank was completed in 2007 for St. Charles County PWSD No. 2.

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