Water Resource Management – City of De Soto

The City of De Soto is located in the southeastern part of Missouri, approximately 45 miles south of St. Louis. De Soto is in Jefferson County, which is one of the fastest growing counties in Missouri. The city is named for the explorer Hernando De Soto, who claimed the Louisiana Territory for Spain.

Cochran has partnered with the City of De Soto for over 10 years serving as their City Engineer providing support in the review and approval of design and construction of public and private design of infrastructure, including sewer, water, transportation, and stormwater. The city is known as “Fountain City” because of the numerous artesian wells. Water from these wells and springs was bottled and shipped by tank car to the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis.

Water Resource Management Projects:
De Soto’s important water history is being protected by Cochran’s interactions with regulatory agencies regarding the water and wastewater operations of the city. The following reports and studies were recently completed on a city-wide basis: Gravity Sewer Line Engineering Report (in-flow and infiltration evaluation and rehabilitation study); Water and Wastewater System Engineering Reports (overall evaluation of the City’s facilities with recommended improvements). Both reports contained recommended phasing and opinion of the probable cost of improvement options. These recommendations, based on sound engineering design, were approved by the City, which resulted in a rate increase to construct long term improvements. Cochran provides design services each year for the City’s ongoing inflow & infiltration program.

Cochran studied and designed a 1,000,000 gallon ground level water storage tank for the City of De Soto. The project consisted of an evaluation of existing storage facility, usable life study, demolition & retrofit of the existing facilities, construction of a new 1,000,000-gallon storage tank, new controls, and SCADA Equipment, well house modifications and a new generator.

Cochran studied an existing 500 gallon/minute deep well for the City of De Soto. Cochran designed a new well house, retrofit around existing well house, new SCADA and chlorine disinfecting system. Cochran performed all aspects of design, including: conceptual layouts, survey, grading, DNR approvals, site design, architectural, structural, electrical and controls, specifications, bid documents, inspection and testing. Deep Well Refurbish for the City of De Soto included a Master Plan and design completed in 2006.

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