Well No. 9

Well House, pitless adapter, booster pump, controls, SCADA

PWSD No. 1 of Ste. Genevieve County

Flynn Drilling and Cochran teamed on a design-build project for the PWSD No. 1 of Ste. Genevieve County. Authorization to proceed with design was received in late February 2019. A construction permit was received from MoDNR in May 2019. Project scope included new deep well with pitless adapter, new well house, new booster pump, controls and SCADA. Design services included topographic survey, conceptual design, hydraulic analysis, final design, permitting, and construction services. Construction was completed in October 2019.

Water Storage Tank Improvements

PSWD No. 1 Water Tank

Green County PWSD No. 1

Cochran performed the design, bid administration, and construction administration for the improvements to Greene County PWSD No.1’s Water Storage Tank #2.  The project included demolition of the existing 6-inch diameter dedicated fill line, including structural supports and insulation, construction of an 8-inch diameter dedicated fill line, construction of a 6-inch diameter mixing system, construction of a doghouse pipe enclosure, installation of a removable silt plate on the existing 12-inch diameter distribution line and exterior cleaning of the tank.  The improvements were completed in June 2018.

Water Main Extension to Birch Creek Estates

Water Main Extension to Birch Creek Estates, Fire Hydrant

City of Union

Cochran was selected by the City of Union to provide Design, Bid Administration, Construction Administration, Construction Testing and Inspection, and surveying for the Water Main Extension to Birch Creek Estates.  The scope of work included approximately 2,130 linear feet of 10-inch diameter PVC Water Main, associated fire hydrants. Valves, and fittings.  All aspects of design included:  conceptual layouts, topographic survey, DNR approvals, specifications and bid documents.  The project was constructed in the summer of 2018.

Lake Serene Water Main Replacement

Lake Serene Water Main Replacement pipe

Franklin County PWSD No. 3

Cochran was selected by PWSD No. 3 of Franklin County to provide Design, Bid Administration, Construction Administration, Construction Inspection, and Surveying for the improvements to Lake Serene Water Main.  The project consists of approximately 3,031 linear feet of 8-inch PVC Water Main, 7,544 linear feet of 6-inch PVC water main, and 5,767 linear feet of 4-inch PVC water main, 25 hydrants, and water service transfers.  Construction is anticipated to be complete in October 2018.

Generator & Control Upgrades

Franklin County Generator

Franklin County PWSD No. 3

Cochran was selected by PWSD No. 3 of Franklin County to complete a generator and controls upgrade at multiple well locations.  The scope of work included a new control panel for Well No. 1, a new generator and double-throw disconnect switch for Lake Serene, a new generator and control panel for Well No. 3, and a new generator and double-throw disconnect switch for Well No. 8.  Upgrades were completed ahead of schedule in August 2018.

Deep Well No. 12

Well House No. 12

City of Sullivan

Cochran was selected to design Well and Well House No. 12 for the City of Sullivan.  The Well supplements the City of Sullivan’s water supply to Menard’s for their in-house manufacturing of concrete landscaping products.

The well is a 30HP pitless submersible unit capable of providing 150 GPM.  The Well pumps into Well House No. 12 where the flow is measured and gas chlorination are added to the water for disinfection.  This area typically has Trichloroethylene (TCE) in the groundwater which requires an air-stripping process.  The water, as of today, does not test positive for TCE’s, however, Well House No. 12 is equipped with a treatment room sized for an air stripper if TCE’s become present in the future.  Construction of the well and well house was complete in the Summer of 2017.

Boyd Street Elevated Water Storage Tank

Elevated Water Storage Tank, City of De Soto

City of De Soto

Cochran provided design and is in the construction phase of a replacement elevated water storage tank for the City of De Soto.  Multiple styles and sizes were bid simultaneously.  New water tower design involved easement preparation and coordination of antenna leasehold improvement relocation for cellular providers on the existing water tower.  We also designed integrated systems for the installation and relocation of cellular equipment to the new water tower.  Demolition of the existing 100,000-gallon water tower with lead-based paint will be replaced by a 500,000-gallon composite elevated water storage tank with reduced future maintenance cost was selected by the City. Cochran performed all aspects of site design and specifications, utility improvements, water tower design and specification, contract administration, construction testing & inspection, geotechnical site evaluation, and survey. We also provided water system modeling and water quality improvements. Construction completed in the summer of 2016.

Deep Well No. 7

Deep Well No. 7 Building

City of Union

Cochran studied and designed a 750 gallon/minute deep well for the City of Union.  Cochran performed all aspects of design, including:  conceptual layouts, survey, grading, DNR approvals, site design, hydraulic evaluation, pump selection, architectural, structural, electrical and controls, specifications, bid documents, inspection and testing.  Cochran met with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources prior to designing the deep well to discuss possible issues and formulate a plan for the project.  The design of the deep well was completed in 2013.  Construction of Deep Well No. 7 was complete in 2014.